What We Do

A research driven financial services platform.

MST has an absolute focus on value creation for our clients. MST's innovative platform enables the best talent in financial services to collaborate with clients in an exclusive partnership.

MST offers institutional and issuer sponsored equity research, sales & execution, capital markets and asset management solutions.

MST Marquee is our premier 'mid-large cap' institutional equities research offering. MST Marquee is a platform for experienced research analysts recognised as having the leading franchise in their sector.

The MST Marquee platform was purposely designed to allow its clients to capitalise on that experience and strive for a multiplier effect by removing barriers and maximising the opportunity to produce meaningful and pointed research.

MST does not seek to do corporate transactions for stocks covered by analysts who utilise the MST Marquee platform.

MST Emerging is our 'growth' research platform. Closely modelled on MST Marquee, the MST Emerging platform attracts experienced mid-cap analysts to deliver exclusive research to institutional investors.

MST Access provides institutional-quality research and thought leadership on small and microcap companies that are seeking improved coverage in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The platform allows experienced analysts to work with corporates to provide high-quality company equity research, investor meetings and feedback. Our vastly experienced sales platform allows highly experienced professionals to also provide intelligence on market trends, outlook and trading. The MST Access platform has a broad base of users, with distribution throughout MST's highly supportive institutional client base, as well as wealth management platforms, high-net-worth individuals and retail investors.

The MST Capital Markets platform allows experienced equity Capital Markets professionals to provide advice on equity funding to high growth companies. To achieve the best outcome for a company, our Capital Markets professionals leverage their experience in working with diverse growth companies at different stages of their development as well as deep knowledge of the institutional investor universe. Applying their experience, our professionals work with companies to position themselves most effectively to attract capital from the most suitable investors.

MST Advisory utilises unrivalled research capabilities to deliver tailored advice and bespoke solutions to both listed and unlisted corporate clients. Our specialised capabilities focus on high-growth, small to mid-cap companies, operating outside the ASX200. Our process leverages the deep sector capabilities, product and knowledge of MST Financials' platform, including existing relationships with over 150 institutional investors in Australia and offshore.

Our Asset Management platform allows experienced market professionals to develop and partner with best practice, transparent and competitively priced investment strategies to provide bespoke solutions to private wealth managers and family offices. The professionals on the platform take a holistic approach, offering a full suite of investment solutions. We want investors to have a long and successful investment experience. We believe we have a unique value proposition in private wealth management.